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Tired of being in changeover!

The nomad, the traveler, the brave, the Crazy Girl is exhausted from packing up and leaving! I drag my feet and turn in circles!

Lately, before each trip, I shift the time to prepare my luggage because I am saturating of temporary and ephemeral homes. I am exhausted to savor this time of depth to send everything waltzing the next moment.

I'm living wonderful moments, I'm living weeks that are so rich that I feel like I've been there for years and have known these people forever.

It's that I feel “like” at home. It's this "like" that bothers me. It is the almost that repeats itself and ends up being heartbreaking.

Yet, I wake up here having to prepare, repack, organize my things. I open the cupboard, I look at the suitcase and I close it. I walk from the bedroom to the living room. I admire the view after which I come back grumpy.

I sit down and write: it's my therapy.

Nothing helps, I close the closet again and this time the shutter. I still write, I go from keyboard to pen because nothing can relieve me to begin with. A sentence and yet another, the ink flows and flows on my notebook. I pray in writing and I beg fate to guide me and help me. One last thought and the light is found:

I am transitioning from happiness to happiness!

For a moment, I rediscover the taste for travel and a change of environment. Comes and goes of my emotions and my feelings, with each element that I put away.

Suddenly, I realize that the melancholy is gone.


An inner journey that proposes to accompany you through your fed up.

Take the time and bring your frustrations to the next one Daj&Moi !

Find the answers to your "I'm fed up" by letting your intuition guide you to our ebooks !

Have a nice week

Dounia AJAMI

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