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The Wrinkle!

She appeared a 20 years old morning, suddenly, on the top of my forehead.

A most unexpected arrival.

Unexpected firstly owing to the fact that only 20 years of life have passed.

Secondly, simply because she was not expected … an absurd occurrence.

It is so with great surprise (ideally), and some fright (more faithfully),

That I was realizing this gaping hollow.

An unpleasant hatch. Inappropriate. Completely untimely.

It took her only 2 decades, 2 decades and she appeared.

Inquiring about her days and nights, she finally revealed her secret to me.

« Here is 20 years that you are breathing this air, this life, this earth, this place this city, this house, this family. 20 years that you are you. And you are already tired ! To the point I grow on your forehead. It is not by audacity, nor pleasure, nor provocation… It's a reminder. 20 years. Bravo because somehow, I could have occurred much later. »

A reminder of living, surely, after 20 years of oblivion.


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