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The Word

It is said that Silence is golden... but we must not forget the equally precious power of the Word.

If this sometimes leads to discord, its goal is always the exact opposite: understanding. Whether it is a question of being understood, of understanding each other, or of listening.

Although it has become one of the most sophisticated human tools thanks to its several millennia of evolution, the Word is nonetheless a delicate, complex and dangerous device, which must be handled sometimes with caution and skill, sometimes with courage and temerity.

To perfectly target the balance that its handling requires, is to become its master. This is a task that is difficult to achieve for everyone, yet everyone possesses it.

Maneuvering it is already a tortuous undertaking, the path becomes even more obscure once it is released by its master, its impact is then beyond his reach, no longer belonging to him, leaving the interlocutor in absolute freedom of his interpretation.

Edmond Wells clarified the complexity of the use of the latter in Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Power:

"Between what I think,

what I mean,

what I think I'm saying,

what I say,

what you want to hear,

what you think you hear,

what you hear,

what you want to understand,

what you understand,

There are ten possibilities for us to have difficulties to communicate, but let's try anyway..."

Thus liberated, no longer belonging to its master deprived of any hold on it, abandoned to the expense of each, armed with the sole probative force of the chosen words, the weight of their scope, the truth that it transcends, the eloquence of its pronunciation, the elegance of its form, no more and no less.

The Word is therefore used to say. But if diction is only for us, understanding requires openness and attention from the other side. But these two constituents being frequently absent, words are swept into the air, the mind is frustrated.

Only, the Word is the first tool of Man in this society, but he, very conscious of his power, stifling its primary purpose, uses it selfishly, not expecting the hearing for which it is intended, but only its absorption of the poor minds.

Today's politics could not illustrate this better, reflecting our more intimate, social and especially family relationships...

Yet I remembered his mission. Long abused by our mouths, certainly, the Word in the first place serves no other ears than his...

To put words down is necessary... imperative, urgent! Not for others... Those whose ears are blocked will have no use for the most moving eloquence, for vivid phrases, for elegant verbs, for grandiose truths... if the Word is liberating, it is so only for the one who pronounces it.

So speak. Sharpen your Word, polish it, sharpen it, grow it, make it shine, raise it to the height of your Truth. It is up to us to free ourselves through it, to no one else is this power entrusted.


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