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The cry of the heart that consumes me becomes a bomb of light that takes responsibility !

This first post is dedicated to a person whom I love very much and who, thanks to one of his confidences, allows me to concretize the launch of :

“La Nomade Bourgeoise” by DajGuru.

We all talk with pride about our values ​​and our ability to surpass ourselves. However, after what you told me, I can no longer find sleep, nor peace, because I want to shout my thoughts to you. Bad idea ! I know that would only delay your progress.

The years have taught me that each time I tried to say what I perceived when someone confided. The person opposite took it as a challenge to counter. As A result, she engulfed herself all the more out of pride.

I say it and I allow myself to write it because I also paid the price.

My own intuitions are constantly and insidiously challenged by my own person leading me where I already knew I would be shipwrecked.

Still, I wanted to prove myself, get revenge, help, save… whatever the verb. The result turned out to be the same. I was hurt and a bit of pride broken. Thereupon, the loss of confidence and then of esteem takes place. However, the machine would restart and the cycle would begin again! Eeeeh yes dear reader, until I stopped waging war on my intuition, I did the same thing with other people, jobs, situations.

It is true that intuition is subtly straightforward. His revelations did not show me the finality of the misty path. His revelations revealed to me what was contraindicated.

Until this time, when I said to myself that I had been right, and that instead of making myself suffer, I felt at peace or even happy with what had just happened. Laughing at the situation so I was prepared for it. This time, I had just obtained infallible proof that I could trust myself unconditionally.

Everything to rock, instead of seeing the indications of my intuition as the way to prove myself and suffer. I chose to tell myself that my intuition is the equivalent of the no-go route in the highway code or quite simply of the problem detector beeping to tell me: it's cold here, go to the other side.

From there, things started to change. I am done with the fear of missing an opportunity, a life or a potential. I know intimately and deeply that the path is where the mist rises, little by little because it reveals its riches to those who know how to value their strength.

So to you whom I love infinitely, spare yourself the arguments and really choose fulfillment.


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