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Take what comes...

Prisoner of thoughts?

Look at the alley of the valley!


Enter and penetrate deep into the cave of your thoughts, instead of dreaming of escaping.

Hear the silence of the dark gorge and light the torch to explore!

The fear of the dark pushes you to listen to yourself, to listen to the voice of the world while your feet caress the aisle.

By this beginning, you jubilate and quiver. The drunkenness of this stimulating substance comes with the excitement of the new path.

Deep within your heart, you begin to explore the dark depths enhanced by the beauty of mature nature. From one alley to another, you sink and the light is no longer. So friend, shine brighter for this is where the journey and wild magic begins. Where, the archaeologist unknowingly explored the steep path of these inner valleys.

The radiance is great only, it relies on more than the light of your torch. EORA will guide you with its melody:

Écoute le son de la vie - Listen to the sound of life

Observe l'effet des vibrations de l'ennui - Observe the effect of vibrations of boredom

Renforce la prière de vie - Strengthen the prayer of life

Appelle à aller au fond du puit - Call to go to the bottom of the well

Love of all time, it is by exploring the shadows that you cherish life.


A one-of-a-kind visit led me to write this poem for those who, along the way, become overwhelmed with not having the right conditions or solutions.

I arrived at the top of the valley, the cave was ready to receive me in disturbing circumstances. The steward allowed me access and offered me the visit because there was no electricity. The only condition was to do it independently with the torch on my phone.

At the time, I laughed because I had just saved on my budget while opening a unique experience. All helped by the light from my smartphone that has been heavily offloaded in recent days.

Here I am entering all smiles slipping into the skin of the archaeologist. This unique visit to a public place allows me to review my living conditions.

Sometimes no need to spend more! Seeing the situation from an exceptional angle generates the excitement to complete a construction.

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Wonderful Week

Dounia Ajami

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Beautifully written although I prefer the original French version.

Deep 😌

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