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Perspective is everything…

Just a boat on a boat !

Or the eyes are showing you a view that is unreal to your senses. Apparence made us crazy. Simplicity of point of view can change, if you stand up for opening your eyes into reality.

Little minutes before judging and juggling with your sweet mind. Opening the door of the silence to observe one more minute. Not to let a chance again but just to open a new perspective. The one where you are powerful and not in distortion or victim of the situation.

Blindly feeling into this inner paradise, the garden of heaven, you create when you decide to let it be, let it go without this sensation of paying the price. Just at peace with the lighter brighter you. The new version which learnt that it is good without.

The moment after, you are attracting, manifesting what waits for you.


Turn on your fire lantern into this transition assumption.

First, are you ready to hear your truth?

So let's go for The Daj&Moi time


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