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Integrity !

In this morning light, I see my features in this mirror near the bathroom.

From this bed, I grow.

Flat stomach or flat back, my position tells me at what stage I am.

Introspection or confirmation, just a position letting me feel that my being is aligned with my thought.

Every morning, by opening my eyes, I observe my being, thanks to this first light of day. It's so thin at first that I can't see any details.

Little by little, it illuminates every eyelid and part of my being.

She reveals me, stages me according to my position.

A daybreak, trembling when there is a storm and powerful in a blazing sun.

There is only the issue of what is to be observed.

In winter, I take the time to stay in this disturbing darkness, it is the opening to the adventure of sensations.

Summer allows me to jump into what springs from my pupil in front of my nudity.

My body tells me the state of the circulation of my energy.

When I look at it this morning, it seems to reflect the impact of the previous evening and this unprepared encounter.

The surprise of having managed to manage emotions, messages and time.

The time to find what was important to express myself.

It was time to open the door to words in respect of my integrity.


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