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I'm waiting for the perfect finality to move forward, yes but...

I looked for the perfect country, the perfect house but above all the perfect partner. That is true ! I have not forgotten to look for myself and to live myself!

Every death around me and those I have experienced within me have all taught me that life is the present. She is this soft glow filled with emotions.

Just deep in your heart feels the sadness is like that rainy day. Many will tell you this, but remember: a moment is different from counting seconds and time. The value of this time you spend with your closest loved ones or even that stranger you meet during a time that fate offers you is worth more than all the times you have calculated and planned.

There is, to cherish these moments, especially in honor of those who are sick, dying: LET'S LIVE for us, for them, for this time that they no longer have or have little. Let's show them the beauty of being by our side.

Yes, let's give ourselves the right to cry, to be crossed by our emotions.

Then in honor of this love they have for us, let's make our daily lives, every day and evening, an ode to love. Let's make them want to be with us for a moment longer, instead of showing them those last crestfallen, panicked faces that you would have rejected if you were lying there with the pain in your body.

Let us want to be there in good health to still see this bright smile taking shape in his/her eyes. Let us want to be there in good health to savor this mouth and its kisses. Let us want to be there in good health for feel the caress of his/her hand and the strength that emanates from it.

Let's find the strength within us to make us want to be alongside each other filled with sincerity and truth.


Grieving is a journey and it's not just about losing a loved one, sometimes it's everything we've built that slowly dies (divorce, separation, layoff, accident, resignation, promotion, move, transfer, evolution , ...).

With a some courage, we even find ourselves burning our own lives to found the new. This is one of the most difficult stages to go through.

Seeing everything that got us this far crumble away to feel naked, empty, and without any tangible reality or connection. A total loss of bearings.

To be accompanied on this journey is to be in possession of a lantern in the middle of the night. So if this message opened something in you, join me for your Daj&Moi =>

Beautiful week

Dounia Ajami

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