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What pride to see this generation of young men and women who, from their twenties, take charge of their life project and fight with conviction to achieve their dreams. They are the next leaders and currently they are becoming earlier and earlier! Were we also like that at twenty?

I am wondering what happened in the 90s like many who post and question our inability to engage or build sustainably. I, in turn, am in the beginning of a theory. Daring to put forth my theory, sit comfortably and forward for my version.

We are blocked from the start, even before the beginning of the story, as if already aware of the rest and especially of the outcome, without much conviction that we will move forward. Somewhere we are clairvoyant. We know as soon as we meet the gaze of the person that it is vain. So yes, we don't take the time to dig deeper with this kind of feeling that it's already pointless.

There's also a part of us that makes us believe that we're afraid of what's next, that first dates are boring. Inevitably we all pretend, taking care of appearances to appear at our best, even betraying ourselves to be chosen. We also want somewhere to be already at the heart of this beautiful relationship, a union by skipping the steps leading to it.

This feeling of no longer wanting to waste time, of choosing this celibacy that has become precious over time. This freedom that allows us to be at home as we are, to be outside when we really want to.

I was writing down all this observations and this series of evidences came to me:

First generation of divorced children. So we were rocked in the “when it does not do us good, it is better to separate”.

Be careful, here observes the phenomenon of the divorce of a different eye from that of the usual criticism!

We have witnessed our parents rediscovering a taste for life and rediscovering the joy of living and the pleasure of being themselves. This famous taste that is anchored in us, for this freedom to be who we are without concession, without compromise and always more demanding. This sacred space that is our home comes from there. Even if we also saw our parents being in financial difficulties sometimes because of assuming alone, they succeeded, all the same, as best as they could.

Then I realized that we were born at the end of a century that dates back to 1900. The famous 20th century! We, the 90, accumulate the whole synthesis of the life experiences of this century. So it is likely that we are here to make a nice synthesis and lighten the next generations of a weight. A lightness brought with the births of the 2000s. We no longer wish to relive past cycles and we have a form of choice of balance between freedom and stability. Finding the right balance is worthy of those famous alchemists. It is a sometimes tortuous path full of twists and tests that explodes in our face, like Albert Einstein in his brain's laboratory.

1900 year of birth of my paternal grandfather and 1919 that of my paternal grandmother, both I never known during their lifetimes. Yet already great travelers, who chose to unite late in view of their years of birth and change territories leaving behind their past to start everything together. I was born in 1991, with this call from a very young age to travel the world in search of my house (you will find an article on the subject in the blog).

It's like in our genes for three generations, here I have the feeling of closing their love by raising it beyond what has limited them in the past. Like freeing all those who after this are closed for fear of loving for real because I was born with the conviction that my husband is. I always talked about him as if he was by my side without ever doubting it. Yet without succeeding in engaging with this love.

So to us, generation 90, healers, liberators of family karma and of the 999 years of the 20th century, observe all that you create during this time of liberation. Be proud of this demanding choice to listen to your intuition when it tells you when approaching a person that it leads nowhere. Gone is the need to prove to ourselves that we were right from the start. The suffering of the stories we experience as lessons.

What is the lesson to be learned?


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Nice week

Dounia Ajami

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