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I am stopping for a moment.

Yes, at this precise moment when my voice resounds.

Where the echo is strong, filled with sadness or weakness.

I stop there, clear and precise, for the moment and so it is...

The pressing need to send a message.

The message of a time from the most distant to the most serene.

Message which through the ages represents the exodus of a thought.

All those times we let it go, doubting our own integrity.

At all those times, where the questioning is one-sided.

All those times when forgiveness has become a habit to perpetuate the abuse.

Time and time again, adapting because we have to since we have to so we do. It remains an illusion to believe that we chose ourselves under these conditions.

Then comes the storm of our choices and when it hits, the reflex is only primary, yet unique to everyone. Flee, hide, be silent, cry, observe, deny, shout, apologize, justify, scream, grieve...

As many possibilities as being inspiring fear dreaming of expiating it to surround yourself with peace and happiness.

It's often there, begins the prayer, the call, the request to this great whole, this great manitou.

It's still there, the solution begins and this crazy past ends.

It is never there that the glimmer of hope for happiness ends since it is born in the very heart of this moment.

They will say:

– I blow today on the sorrows that encumber you

They will shout:

– I protect you today from the echo of these words that weigh you down

They will conclude:

– I preserve you today in the most sacred, present moment, through change.

I am stopping there, at this moment and I empty myself of my torments.

Relieved, I receive all the answers to my questions and I move forward peacefully.


A journey in the fact of doing nothing that proposes itself. Take the time and bring your questions during the Daj&Me !

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Belle semaine à toi

Dounia AJAMI


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