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After the storm …

This feeling of being at peace !

I use this expression a lot these months : Being at peace !

People ask me how I am and how I feel far away from my birth country.

My answer is simple :

I am feeling at peace.

Usually I use metaphors, big words, long sentences, elaborate and deep talk to express how I feel. However, it has been two months now and it is as simple as these three words side by side.

Despite the fact I love writing and speaking, I would like you to observe this picture. Merely put your whole curiosity and attention on it. Give you 1 minute, you can recite every second.

Presently, write in three words which arise instinctively then create your phrase.

Whenever you are experiencing a storm moment, remember this phrase as a mantra to be at peace again even if around there is this storm.


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Very nicely written 😌💯👏

Love this 🌸

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